The Day Before

Tomorrow, after a year of scribbling and planning and scheming, we finally release HACKTIVIST #1 upon the world. We're truly thrilled to share it with you, especially now that we've finally held the final product in our hands (Proofs! We got proofs, you guys!).

As we barrel towards release, here's a little wrap-up of the press around the book!


Graphic Policy give the first issue an 8.75/10 and recommend you buy it this week!

Positively Nerdy has some great things to say as well, noting that Marcus To is making a nearly impossible job look surprisingly easy.

Eat Your Comics call the book "praiseworthy", while deftly noting the challenges of the subject matter.

What'cha Reading? has a hard time with the hacker-centric premise, but still gives the book 3/5 stars for its potential.

And to top it all off, Collin and I talked for nearly an hour with BOOM! Addiction about everything HACKTIVIST.  We ramble and rant and oh god I sound like a maniac. I hope you enjoy the adventure - and thanks to Chris and Ed for having us on!

This project means the world to us - and it's a very different tale for the comic book medium. Make sure to pick up a copy this Wednesday to get in on the ground floor of something very different.