First Shots Fired

HACKTIVIST #1 is in stores TODAY. Yes, that means you can buy it right now. Like, as soon as you want. It's an easy four step process:

1) Just go to your local comics store. They are friendly and will not bite you unless you look particularly delicious. Endeavor to look like, I don't know, brussels sprouts. This should discourage biting.
2) Scream "HACKTIVIST!" as loud as you can. Just really belt it out. If you've got a voice, maybe sing it? Who knows, this might be your big break!
3) Cease singing when someone puts a copy of Hacktivist #1 in your hands. Thank them politely.
4) Buy it.

Alternately, you can go to ComiXology on your phone or tablet and just click a button if that's your jam. I spent half of last night reading comics on my iPhone. I certainly won't judge. 


Are you as psyched as we are? Want to come celebrate it in person? We've got a SIGNING today at GALAXY OF COMICS here in Los Angeles. Collin and I will be chillin' around from 4-7, and since we're REALLY sick of each other's company, I sure hope some of you show up.

Also, we've got some more press:

Geeked Out Nation calls Hacktivist "a comic that cannot be missed by anyone" - while rightly pointing out that the story could live beyond the current four issues.

Newsarama puts us on their Best Shots list - squee! - and tells us that we've got their attention. Suffice to say, I can't wait to see what they think of Issue #2.

Geek Goggles recommends the book too - and hopes that we pull it all together by the end of the miniseries. Me too, Geek Goggles. Me too.

Adventures In Poor Taste praises the premise and worries about the stakes, but still gives us an 8/10, so... THANKS! Stay tuned for more of what you're lookin' for.

Comics The Gathering say "if you’re looking something different with some intelligence and closer to humanity’s heart, this could be the comic you’re looking for."

And Rhymes With Geek delivers what is absolutely my favorite negative review in history: "Most readers will want to sve_urs3lf the 3.99." For that incredible pun alone, I thank them.


This has been a labor of love for Alyssa, Collin, myself, and the rest of the team. We're happy to finally share the first chapter with you all. A huge thank you to Rebecca Taylor, who put this whole beast together for Archaia and moved heaven and earth to support us throughout the process - and to Alyssa Milano, who inspired us, worked with us, and drove us to tell the best possible version of this story.

Finally, thanks to all of you who are taking a chance on the book. As relative newcomers to writing comics, we are truly humbled by the response so far. Can't wait to share Issue #2!

PS, totally off-topic: My very favorite band from high school put out a new song today. I'm figuring it's some kind of release day gift. Thanks, The Notwist! Now everyone can dance in their office just like me!