NYCC was incredible. Amazing people and beautiful experiences that will stay with me forever. The response to HACKTIVIST was nothing short of outstanding - I'm still surprised to see the excitement in a new reader's eyes when they see Marcus and Ian's incredible work. Thanks to everyone who swung by. You guys all rock.

But now it's time for something new.


As revealed in this totally rad new documentary on our friends at The RAID Studios, the HACKTIVIST team has come back together for a creator-owned comics project that's about as far from our grounded Tunis tale as possible.

That's right: we're going to space. Like, way into space. As far from Earth as we can get. And we're playing punk rock as loud as we can at the fastest warp speed our teenage heroes can muster.

Details are forthcoming (there're actually a lot of them in the documentary, so you should probably watch it), but for now... just get psyched. We really are.