Thresh Done Come

Last night, even as the HACKTIVIST trade paperback was unleashed upon the world, an incredible group of actors and a small cabal of trusted friends came together at the Tick Tock Emporium to read a movie y'all haven't heard of yet - but which you will know well soon. 

This story is called PIPE - and will be directed by Brosis (Morgan Faust and Max Isaacson). The cast included Jocelyn Kelvin, Enver Gjokaj, Mary Kate Wiles, Jon Cahill, Jonathan Oldham, Dylan DoVale, Laura Harrisaon, Gina DeVivo, Amanda Powers and many more. Every single one of them was a dream come true.

It was unreal. That's all I have to say at this time.

Oh, and Collin made this incredible poster. Cause he's got the eye.