Cowabunga! It's Comic-Con!

It's the most awesomest time of the year - San Diego Comic-Con! And unlike previous years - where I've wandered unseen all around the con floor like a mid-twenties Ben Kenobi - I'll be easy to find and eager to chat!

That's right, I'll be at the BOOM! Studios booth (#2229) all weekend alongside compadre Collin Kelly, promoting the hardcover release of HACKTIVIST. We'll also be signing and - God help us all - sketching. But only if you ask me nicely. And only if you are cool with stick figures. The schedule breaks down as follows:

THURSDAY: Signing all day at Boom! (#2229)
FRIDAY: Same as Thursday - plus we're joined by Marcus To and Ian Herring between 4:30 and 5:30 to sign special-edition HACKTIVIST HC, featuring a signed bookplate by Alyssa Milano.
SATURDAY: Back on that grind, signing all day at Boom! (#2229)
SUNDAY: You know the drill - we be signing. #2229. 

New cool stuff in the works as well this convention season. Find me at the Hyatt, share a dram, and maybe I'll tell you a story.

Also of note: This week sees the release of TMNT: NAA #13, featuring a main story by myself and David Server, with art by Dario Brizuela, colors by Heather Breckel, and letters by Shawn Lee! Dave and I return to the zoo we loved so in PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR - but this time, we're bringing some Kraang along! It's an April-centric story that finds our favorite kunoichi fighting for her life behind enemy lines. Plus: a super-subtle nod to a "classic" Turtles villain from our youth! 

Check it out - or pick one up for the young reader in your life. There's two other great stories by Landry Walker, David Alvarez, Rachael L'Areau and Bryan Turner.

Also: did you guys see this? Cause, drool.