New York Cares...

I got to get better at updating this place. Silence speaks volumes of nothing.

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Collin and I will be heading to the East Coast for the New York Comic-Con alongside the incredible team at Boom! Studios. As a Boston kind of guy, this is definitely a huge betrayal of all of my core principles... but come on, guys! It's Manhattan and comic books! Plus, we met so many great NYC creatorfolks at Baltimore Comic-Con, and what better chance than this to totally bother them constantly!

So if you're headed to the show, swing by the Boom! booth any day between 10/9 - 10/12 and say hi. Maybe grab a HACKTIVIST hardcover or get in our face about our next book or just bring us cheesecake.

Lots of it.

All the cheesecake. 

Got it? Good.

Please and thank you,