GRAYSON is my favorite comic at the Big Two.

It introduced me to the work of the incomparable Tom King, further solidified my already-enormous respect for hackin' Tim Seeley, and made me fall in love with the beautifully dynamic art of Mikel Janin. What began as a simple twist on the well-worn superspy concept became a great meditation on the nature of secrets, superherosim, and stories. It raised Dick's profile in the DCU, gave him incredible foils in Midnighter and Tiger, introduced a fresh and vital take on Helena Bertinelli, and reframed Morrison's Dr. Daedalus through the sympathetic lens of his two very broken daughters.

You don't need me to tell you that their run was a masterpiece.

For the next three months, Collin Kelly, Roge Antonio and I will be taking the reins as Dick Grayson faces Daedalus' carefully-constructed endgame. Think of GRAYSON as a very fast car heading for a very dangerous jump into the unknown. We've just climbed into the driver seat - we could slow down, back up, and start running in a different direction - but that would be abandoning the very things that made us such fans of the story in the first place. So instead of changing gears, we're gripping the wheel with white knuckles and accelerating as hard towards a satisfying conclusion as we can. We can promise resolution of some of the biggest secrets and mysteries in Dick Grayson's life, a reckoning within the Netz family, and events that will forever change the nature of Spyral. 

Issue #18 - entitled FIGHT HARDER - is in stores today. I'd like to thank every reader that's given us a chance. If you haven't yet, I hope very much that you'll pick it up, strap in, and come along with us for the ride.

Because that very dangerous jump into the unknown is coming... and who knows what awaits Dick Grayson on the other side.