A Beginning and an End

Orange is the new Jack.

That’s right: we’ve got two comics in one week, and they’re both a rad shade of my very favorite color since I was a tiny child. How’s that for childhood dreams coming true?

This double week is exciting, as it’s a Lanzing/Kelly Story Labs first - but these aren’t any two issues of our so-far-so-short comics career. We’re talking about JOYRIDE #2 and GRAYSON #20 - the first issue of Joyride to embrace the galaxy beyond the SafeSky and the very last stand of Dick Grayson: Agent (37) of Spyral. 

JOYRIDE #2 is a crazy, high-octane, mega-beginning. It will be released alongside the customary JOYRIDE playlist and much exclusive art reveals as the week goes on. It also introduces the last member of our regular cast. The preview for that one can be found here: http://www.comicosity.com/preview-joyride-2/

GRAYSON #20 is the finale so crazy that when we came up with it, we were 100% certain DC Comics would not let us do it. It is the culmination of all the madness that’s gripped the book since we took over Tom King / Tim Seeley / Mikel Janin’s outstanding series - and is without a doubt the most incredible work I’ve ever seen from Rogé Antonio. This is our love letter to Dick. Here’s a preview: http://www.adventuresinpoortaste.com/2016/05/18/exclusive-dc-preview-grayson-20/

I hope it maybe gets your eyes a little wet with salt and sadness.

I think it might.